Hello there,the name's Cait.I'm currently studying in Game Art and Design, but I'm also an artist and creature/character design enthusiast.This is mostly an art blog for my drawings and various works and doodles.Also serves as a collective for art and writing references,mythology,and the occasional fandom or gaming posts.



The many ways to tie a scarf. I think NYC looks the most difficult but also the cutest. Which one’s your favorite?


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The basics of eye shapes for writers.

My sources are probably better than I am (more photos, longer descriptions), so here they are: [x] [x]

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Darren Korb (Vocals: Ashley Barrett),



I found this really cool new website called you.regettingold.com that brings on more existential crisis and gives you totally cool information.

There’s a lot more information there I didn’t post, but try it out for yourself!





The last one “compared to others” really hits hard, it shows you how many people born on your birthday are still alive vs. how many died.

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These are all the gender neutral pronouns I’ve managed to hunt down but I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN there are several missing. So hmu if you know of any others or if I declined these incorrectly c:

  • They/them/their/themself
  • tey/tem/ter/temself
  • ey/em/eir/emself
  • e/em/eir/emself

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By me, Sara D. (Heh.)

I think it’s very important for artists to vary the types of bodies they draw! Not only does it add visual interest and diversity, but different body types can enhance your characters! (Plus it’s more realistic; when was the last time you walked down the…


Pale Blue - Monstrous 2D Side Scrolling Action Adventure

Epic 2D side-scrolling action and stealth adventure game with a twist: even “evil” has a story to tell.

PALE BLUE is a codename assigned to an experiment conducted by the COCOON organisation. You are Ellen, once a normal girl, you are one of the living weapons created by the organisation in the likeness of innocent children that destroys and devours mankind. COCOON’s goal is to eradicate the corrupted human race & rebuild the world into a utopia of its own vision. But even so, you do not become the hero who fights back against the organization to save humanity from their impending doom– you are the villain who fights for them.

This game is currently having a campaign on Kickstarter! More info and details are on their Kickstarter homepage, so be sure to check it out & look out for their reward tiers!

A mockup run of the game is also available for download on the Kickstarter page. Just look out for it under the updates section!

Please spread the love! There’s only 6 days left until the end of the campaign!

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First aid bandaging techniques.

Richards Topical Encyclopedia, 1962

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An adequate fuck-ton of heavy-set human references (per request).

[Why the FUCK is it so difficult to find chubby references??!!?! This is BULLSHIT. I ended up resorting to a fucking shitty BMI chart for reference, which is fucked up. To all you artists out there, make more heavy-set references, seriously.]


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Although dog-like in appearance, the hyena is more closely related to cats, civets, and genets. The famous chatter that the spotted hyena produces actually sounds like a human laughing hysterically. This “laugh” is used during times of nervous excitement or submission to a dominant hyena. Learn more.

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Hello! Love the blog--I read your stuff a lot. :-) I poked through your tags a bit but can't seem to find the answer to my question, so here goes: do you have any advice/direction on writing microaggression? I'm writing in a fantasy universe, and the discrimination in question is primarily class-based. Thanks so much!
arthermit arthermit Said:


Thank you! I am going to run with this question because I am also working with discrimination in one of my projects.

Check the Microaggressions blog to get a feel for the scope of microaggression, and think on instances you yourself may have faced. Depending on how fantastic your setting is, the kinds of microaggression your characters come into contact with may look very different from what you are familiar with. Maybe give Microaggression in Fiction a read as well.

Creating your own system of discrimination and intolerance, especially one rooted in a fictional construct, is going to require serious worldbuilding. Intolerance and prejudice involve treating a given group of people worse than others for arbitrary reasons, and will involve a lot more than just microaggressions. Put extremely broadly, there has to be some sort of widely spread and internalized, possibly institutionalized thought process that somehow benefits group A while disadvantaging group B in order for larger-scale intolerance to happen. This can extend into law and government in addition to being a held belief by your differing classes. Intolerance might be driven by such (generalized) things as:

  • Self-interest (disadvantaging one to benefit one)
  • Self-esteem (putting others down to make oneself feel better)
  • Hierarchical ideals (favoring high-status groups purely because they are high-status)
  • Fear or dislike of people who are different for any number of reasons (perhaps feeding into a group instinct of discriminating against an outsider to make the group stronger)
  • Propagandist/brainwash/similar setup that feeds into any of these (touting one group as inherently better than another, perpetuating harmful lies and stereotypes about one group that start to be taken as truth, etc.).

Writing about intolerance and prejudicial discrimination is going to be a lot deeper and a lot more complex than just working out microaggressions. Consider why this happens in your world, including but by no means limited to things like:

  • Blame as a method of enforcing cooperation and discouraging dissension against oppressors. If people of a given group are constantly being arrested/disciplined/etc., people may chalk it up to a fundamental attribution error, maybe causing an effect similar to “resetting” the morality of a world by coding “bad behavior” as “group B” in the minds of the populace.
  • Going further, the idea may perpetuate itself by confirmation bias. If the given group is constantly (and publicly) treated with prejudice and given discriminatory treatment, and if enough people begin to connect “group B” with “bad” as a result, they may begin to favor other people and groups that agree with this idea and disfavor people who disagree.
  • Maintaining status quo. If oppressors have a reason to keep a given group where they are socially/economically/geographically/similar, spreading intolerance via whatever conduit they have at their disposal in order to maintain the current state of affairs benefits them and disadvantages the given group.

Give all these things some consideration as you continue your research and writing.




DIY Halloween Apothocary Jars’ Tutorial from Magia Mia. Turn plastic vitamin bottles into creepy apothocary jars using a glue gun and chalkboard paint.

A nice Witch Craft project. :)

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